Grundtvig AssistenzEuroConsults offers 2 Grundtvig –Assistant- positions from August 2012

Call for Applications until 15th March 2012!

The Grundtvig programme offers the opportunity to work in a dynamic, developing company in the field of European project management in Germany up to 45 weeks.

It is financed at expense of the European education programme “Lifelong Learning Programme LLP”. The Grundtvig assistant is funded with ~ 800 – 1000 € per month.

We expect the applicants to be
  • persons from all European countries (except Germany) but also from Croatia, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland or Turkey
  • experienced in adult education
  • interested in working in a challenging international environment
  • innovative with good ideas
  • of good language skills in German and/or English

The applicant will profit from
  • living and working in the capital of Germany
  • experiencing  culture in Berlin
  • enhancing his/her knowledge of other European countries
  • intercultural Teamwork
  • learning and training abroad


The applicant gets involved in all our projects. The Grundtvig application for the national agency has to be prepared until 30th March 2012 so the exact tasks will be discussed in the framework of the assistant plan.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity
  • to take part in multilateral activities
  • to contribute to projects with European partners
  • to shape the subject areas (project management, funding for projects) in seminars /workshops for adults
  • to establish as referee and to hold workshops /seminars in Germany & Austria
  • to develop skills in the field of project management, online editing and marketing

More Information about us

How to become EU-Assistant?

Please send us your cover letter and CV including copies of testimonials until the 15th March 2012. In your Cover letter you should develop your own ideas for the assistantship at EuroConsults and clearly show how you will personally and professionally benefit from it.
After review of all applications we will contact the 2-3 successful candidates und discuss with her/him the conditions and tasks for his/her personal action plan while assisting from August 2012 until June 2013.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!  

All applications and further information under:

Peliminary procedure

The successful applicant has to elaborate the application for the National Agency on his/her own and to submit it to the concerned authority in time. (Deadline: 30th March 2012). For support you can contact our current Grundtvig assistant Ms Kamila Mazurek (Polish-German Association, Krakow).


More Information

EuroConsults at a glance

EuroConsults is an adult education service provider in the field of European funding and project management. It was founded in 2007 as an European training and consulting company and consists of a multicultural & inter-disciplinary team of six employees and constant freelancers. We have specialized in trainings for non-government associations, academies, foundations, schools, universities, municipalities and cultural, social and charity facilities.

All employees are used to work in international teams and have relevant project management experience as well as expertise in the fields of public relations, marketing, European and national funding.

Furthermore EuroConsults also engages itself in research and the development of innovative projects on regional, national, EU & international level. Therefore EuroConsults initiated several international syndicates, networks and the information websites and

EuroConsults has an excellent network and is connected with NGO´s especially from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland and Turkey.

Annually, we reach with EU-Fundraising seminars about 1000 interested people directly in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Furthermore we work as a relevant disseminator in the field of Best Practice in EU funding mostly in the German-speaking area.

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