We are happy to present you the latest publications of the SEE Programme: a Programme brochure under the title "DEVELOPMENT AND COOPERATION ACROSS THE SOUTH EAST EUROPE AREA" and a Project book containing the descriptions of the first call projects, underthe title "GROWING COOPERATION IN THE SEE AREA".
On 11 May 2011, In Sofia, took place the 7th Monitoring Committee Meeting of the SEE Programme. On this occasion, and in anticipation of the annual event, the representatives of the partner states participating in the Programme discussed issues related to Programme evaluation, implementation, and further calls.
Many EU regions will be celebrating Europe Day on 9 May. Europe Day marks the declaration made by French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman in 1950 calling on France, Germany and other European countries to pool their coal and steel production. The Schuman Declaration launched the process of European integration that lies behind today's European Union.You can find a few examples of the many activities that will be taking place across Europe to highlight the positive impact of EU regional funding on the Info Regio website.
Registration to the SEE annual conference is now closed. As ususal, the interest for the event is very high and we are looking forward to welcoming all registered participants in Sofia, on 12 May 2011. Under the title "A strategic approach towards cooperation in SEE area", the conference will have a varied and interesting content, which ranges from strategic issues to project presentations.
The Monitoring Committee of the SEE Programme selected a number 26 new projects in the fields of innovation, environment, accessibility, and sustainable urban growth to be co-funded within the 2nd call for project proposals.