You missed to register, but would still like to join the event? No problem: We warmly invite you to follow the event through the live stream on our website. You will not only be able to follow the presentations and discussions, but also to submit questions and comments that our moderator will directly adress to the speakers and the audience! 
We would like to inform you that, in the framework of the third call for proposals, the following data are now available. 46 Expressions of Interest (EoI) have been submitted to the JTS, out of which 44 EoIs have been submitted until the set deadline. All valid EOIs are now being assessed. The decision regarding their approval will be taken by the Monitoring Committee of the SEE Programme which will take place in Skopje on 12-13 September.
Thank you for your interest in the SEE Programme! The third call for proposals in the framework of the SEE Programme is now closed. All documents and information will remain available for your consultation but no expressions of interest are accepted after the deadline. 
You are warmly invited to register for the Joint Transnational Conference in Katowice and to be a part of an important event that will discuss the present and the future of transnational cooperation. Interesting plenary discussions, as well as six workshops are waiting for you. 
13 Programmes - 1 Goal: to Improve Quality of Life in European Regions! For the first time the thirteen transnational programmes currently operating under the European Regional Development Fund in the EU have come together to arrange a conference on how transnational cooperation can help to improve quality of life in European regions.
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